E-Z Treat UV Model #1000

E-Z UV Disinfection

Dual Lamps Provide Back Up Protection


  • One Lamp Disinfects, When It Burns Out The Unit Automatically Switches To The Back Up Lamp and Sending an Alarm Allowing Time for Lamp Replacement Without Uninterrupted Disinfection
  • Flow Rates to fit Your Needs from 10 GPM to 100 GPM
  • Gravity Flow
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Install
E-Z Treat UV Model 1000

Ultraviolet Disinfector with 100% Backup Capability

E-Z Treat Ultraviolet Disinfector Design Drawing
As shown below, installation of the E-Z Treat UV Disinfection System, housed in plastic risers, allows the installer to adjust the burial depth, by adding riser sections, to suite site conditions.
 E-Z Treat UV Disinfection System, housed in plastic risers
Typical Installation Using Pre-cast Concrete Vault

Installation of the E-Z Treat UV System, housed a Concrete Vault as depicted below.
E-Z Treat UV Disinfection System housed a Concrete Vault