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E-Z Treat Corporation

Since the 1970's the founders of E-Z Treat corp. have been designing and manufacturing efficient and affordable onsite re-circulating sand filter, wastewater treatment systems.  We work closely with engineers, installers, local regulatory agencies and end users to develop the right wastewater treatment solution for your specific needs.

E-Z Treat Company is pleased to announce the E-Z Treat Re-Circulating Synthetic Sand Filter is the First and Only, biological based treatment system to pass the NSF-350 Water Reuse, NSF-245 and NSF-40 testing.

Certified NSF-350 Water Reuse

Certified NSF-245 Nitrogen Reduction

Certified NSF-40

As shown below, you will see the EPA recommended design for recirculating sand/media filters directly compared with our patented E-Z Treat Recirculating Sand Filter Wastewater treatment system. Our systems are designed to handle  flows of 100 to 100,000 GPD. The systems are easy to install, maintain, energy efficient and manufactured with environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

EPA Recommended Design of

Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Systems Technology Fact Sheet 11

Recirculating Sand/Media Filter

EPA Wastewater Treatment Design
E-Z Treat Wastewater Treatment System
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